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Rapid innovation is a strategic advantage and competitive moat.

A rapid pace of Innovation is a strategic differentiating factor for enterprise.

It has even been said that on the long run, the pace of innovation is a more important strategic advantage than traditional moats.

Visibility of current trends in science and technology is key!

Traditional internally sourced innovation is proving limited in scope, and slow.

However, in this rapidly changing world technology landscape, companies sourcing external innovation opportunities must keep-tabs-on and make-sense-of a huge variety of opportunities, threats and risks.

A daunting, laborious, slow task.

Meet Treebute

The Platform

Library & Knowledge Base

Hundreds of datasets fused into an AI knowledge base, which rapidly generates analysis of highly specific technical domains.

Already ingested:
Start-ups, VCs,
Papers, Patents, Citations, Conferences, Clinical Trials, Government Research Grants (US federal funding, CORDISHorizon 2020, Australia ARC), Institutions, General media (Leading global high-tech news outlets).

In progress:
Standards, Protocols, Companies, Regulations, Datasets, Code, Social-Media,

Enterprises & Start-ups

Answer natural language questions (NLP) about innovative enterprises and start-ups.

Powerful search from
- Informed from Federal & EU grants
- Company & founder's patents and papers
- Social media impressions
- Clinical Trials & regulatory filings

Talent & KOL Discovery

A global, self-updating directory professionals in technology & science, across multiple domains of interest.

Powerful search for
- Key Opinion Leaders & Subject Matter Experts
- Scientific, Engineering & Clinical experts
- Research partners / collaborators
- Rising stars, and innovative thinkers
- Persons and their skills and/or competencies

Synthetic Curiosity

Custom AI curated dashboards.

Harness the power of AI and big data, leverage the advantage of precise knowledge to automatically monitor global activity across the innovation space of science, technology, venture and corporate activity, sorted and presented through your unique leans of interest.

The Data

Total Scientific Papers

Current number of scientific records in the Treebute database is: 

Total Start-Ups

Current number of start-up companies monitored daily in the Treebute database is: 

Current number of news mentions of start-ups, in the Treebute database is: 

Total Grants & Dollars

Current number of grants (US federal funding, CORDISHorizon 2020, Australia ARC) in the Treebute database is: 

Total amount of grants currently captured in the Treebute database: $

Total Patents

Current number of patents (from USPTO, WIPOEPO) in the Treebute database is: 

Total Clinical Trials

Current number of clinical trials (from in the Treebute database is: 


The leading data source and business information company in Israel's high-tech industry.
Developing and managing dynamic, fit-for-purpose ecosystems for the networked enterprise of the future
NOUS Group
An international management consultancy with over 400 people working across Australia, the UK and Canada.
Huawei Technologies
Huawei Research & Development Center.
Merck Group
Multinational Life-science, Technology, Advanced Materials and Pharmaceutical company.
Henkel AG & Co. KGaA
German chemical and consumer goods company.
Europe’s leading food innovation initiative, working to make the food system more sustainable, healthy and trusted.
XPRIZE Foundation
Global incentive competitions for solutions to the world's grand challenges.
Global Institute of Innovation District
A non-for-profit research center, focused on the promotion of innovation ecosystems, globally.
Bioinnovation Institute
Novo Nordisk Foundation Initiative in Copenhagen, Denmark. Focused on research based entrepreneurship.
SciNote is a top-rated Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) for labs in industry & academia. GxP, CFR21 part 11, R&D and APIs to other systems.
The largest global physicians-only community. With over
1-million verified physicians from more than 120 countries and 100 specialties.
YEDA R&D Co. Ltd.
Technology Transfer from the Weizman Institute of Science
Technology Transfer from
Tel Aviv University
BGN Ltd.
Technology Transfer from
Ben-Gurion University


Naveh D. Shetrit  
Co-Founder & CEO
Ori Berkovitch
Shai Yarkoni, MD, PhD  
Co-Founder & Chairman 


Omer Gazit  
Co-Founder of
Formerly, CTO of F1000 (acquired by Taylor-Francis), CTO of Hiro Media.
Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg
Tel Aviv University
Former chair - National Economic Council
to the Prime Minister 
Former chair - Planning and Budgeting Committee
of the Council for Higher Education
Zack Rinat
Serial entrepreneur
Founder of Model-N
Chairman at Conduit
SVP at Sun Microsystems
Vitek Tracz
Serial entrepreneur
Founder & Chairman of F1000
Founder of Bio Medical Central
Iris Ginzburg, PhD
Head of the Tel Aviv University.
MBA Program in Technology Innovation and entrepreneurship.
Shahar Sorek
Serial entrepreneur.
CMO of Overwolf.
Strategy & marketing advisor for Tech Companies
Founder & CEO of 7 Elements.
Ari Veltman, PhD
International sales operations
PhD in Game Theory, Value & Decision Science.
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