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Understanding Treebute

Researchers are appraised by the quality of their papers, while most of their daily work is never shared nor attributed properly

Researchers are only recognized for a miniscule portion of their work, nor do they get compensated for their contributions to science. Fear of being "scooped" and lack of granular recognition and credit create the well known academic "knowledge sharing paranoia".

Solutions buyers and investors have little to no visibility, and difficult access to academic experts and their skills

Investors and enterprises are effectively “air gapped” from academia due to language and business culture barriers. Lack of standard systems or protocols for scientific knowledge discovery, research auditing, and trade, force prospective buyers to use of arcane methods with little to no control over the processes and reliance on serendipitous discoveries of needed or sought after knowledge.

Funders prefer that more of the knowledge accumulated during the scientific research process would be shared

Research is predominantly communicated by means of publishing in peer reviewed papers, which only describe outputs supporting the author’s hypothesis and whatever else he / she deems important.

These factors contribute to the reproducibility crisis, and to the sparsity of negative result exposures. Moreover, the current scientific publication process dictate that results are made public about 12-24 months after the knowledge has been discovered.

Science funders, unwittingly support the investigation of the same hypothesis multiple times, while most of the outputs they have already paid for, never see the light of day.

Treebute changes all that

Near real time curation of the discovery storyline  

Research story progression is periodically captured in the system during the research process, with minimal effort by the researcher.

All entries are tokenized for copy-rights protection and stored in a secure repository for seamless traceability and collaboration with team members, and global collaborators without the risk of rights theft.

Treebute essentially becomes the personal research assistant, an everyday agent of discovery, matchmaking and trade.

Automated monetization system

Knowledge transfer deals are notoriously complex and usually outside the scope of researchers capabilities. Treebute simplifies monetization of researcher's knowledge by introducing an e-commerce platform for knowledge collaboration and attribution.

Knowledge is protected and becomes visible to all corporate buyers or investors. Easily discoverable - the purchase of such IP, including professional contracts and electronic binding signatures - is performed with the ease of online commerce platforms where IP rights are exchanged and registered against funds transferred to the researcher's account / institution.

Automated attribution or credit‍

Resolving the fear of being scooped keeps important knowledge out of the “Dark”. 

Each contribution that has been deposited and protected by Treebute receives credits in real-time, literally while working on the research effort.

There are no additional steps required. The system sorts out the credit due as a seamless background task. Everything is time stamped with an encrypted electronic signature and is instantly discoverable on a global basis, with complete control at the hands on the researcher.

Simplified sharing, comprehensive attribution

Gain Immediate recognition for work that otherwise would be left to rot in the dark. 

Researcher accomplishments are easily shared with the those who need it, while protecting one's rights in creation and without the need to go through the traditional hurdles. 

When relevant, work can be seamlessly integrated into a traditional manuscript, while assuring the creators and their contributions would be duly attributed, in the most granular scale.

The Platform


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Tel Aviv University
BGN Ltd.
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Ben-Gurion University
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Technology Transfer from the Weizman Institute of Science


Naveh D. Shetrit  
Co-Founder & CEO
Omer Gazit  
Co-Founder & CTO
Shai Yarkoni, MD, PhD  
Co-Founder & Chairman 


Vitek Tracz
Serial entrepreneur
Founder & Chairman of F1000
Founder of Bio Medical Central
Earl Beutler
Serial entrepreneur
Founder & CEO of LabArchives
Founder & CEO of RefWorks
Zack Rinat
Serial entrepreneur
Founder of Model-N
Chairman at Conduit  
SVP at Sun Microsystems
Prof. Rafi Eldor
IDC faculty
Expert in pricing options & futures
Iris Ginzburg, PhD
Head of the Tel Aviv University
MBA Program in Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Shahar Sorek
Serial entrepreneur
Co-Founder & CMO of Tectonic Founder & CEO of 7 Elements

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